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Boston started out in a zone, with KG on the perimeter guarding everyone from Bargnani to Anthony Parker to Ford, while Perk stayed down low on Bosh. From the tip Bosh went right at Perkins every time he touched the ball, but it wasn’t working. He shot 2-for-10 in regulation. Bosh’s stat line looked good (19 pts, 10 rebs, 5 blks), but it didn’t reflect how unreliable he was and how KG (23 pts, 13 rebs, 6 asts, 3 stls) owned him in overtime. On one play KG caught it in the post, paused to fix his rubber band, backed Bosh in and gave him some shimmy action setting up a turnaround J …

Heidi Comes to T-Dot • Dime Magazine’s Blog – FOX Sports Blogs

Wow. Owned. Harsh.

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A $24-million bench-warmer

TorontoSun.com – Basketball – A $24-million bench-warmer
Raptors coach Sam Mitchell went on the defensive yesterday when asked if he would be disappointed if Kapono, the club’s most expensive, most heralded, off-season signing, did not turn out to be a regular starter at the small forward position — the lone starting spot still up for grabs.

Mitchell has said the last couple of days that Kapono may not be his starter at the three spot, that the job may go to another newcomer, Carlos Delfino, or the wildly inconsistent Joey Graham, or even to Jorge Garbajosa, whom Mitchell would prefer to play at power forward.


Toronto Raptors, Andrea Bargnani, Anthony Parker, Chris Bosh, National Basketball Association

Toronto Raptors, Andrea Bargnani, Anthony Parker, Chris Bosh, National Basketball Association – CBSSports.com
Andrea Bargnani added 13 points and seven rebounds to help the Raptors win in his hometown. Danish forward Christian Drejer led Roma with 23 points.

With only two players taller than 6-foot-7, Roma struggled inside where the 6-10 Bosh was able to operate relatively uncontested.

Iceland guard Jon Stefansson hit a 3-pointer to put Roma in front 34-33 and Bargnani replied from beyond the arc a few minutes later as the lead swung back and forth in the second quarter. Christian Drejer was fouled by Joey Graham while shooting a 3-pointer, converting a four-point play that gave Roma a 45-44 lead at halftime.

Drejer and former Celtics guard Allan Ray continued their shooting streak to start the second half and Roma opened up a 65-58 lead toward the end of the third quarter.

Jason Kapono hit four straight free throws to put Toronto back in front 67-66 at the end of the third.

After Ray tied the game at 71 with another 3, Kapono and Anthony Parker


scotts shots – lottomatica

– crowd is definitely a lot more sparse. Maybe the draw of Andrea really is weak like some say.

– delfino starting instead of kapono.

– sloppy start. Il Mago missing 2 of 2 FT and bad passes by TJ.

– ukic with a sweet move. somebody should sign that guy! 🙂

– allen ray looking pretty good too.

– oh look…Violet Palmer again. Gonna be a long game.

– roko is schooling TJ….2 straight turnovers and on him like a glove.

– the raptors defence is pathethic. Back to the turnstile D.

– how is this for a lineup: humphries, garbo, jose, joey, carlos.

– first fast break basket by the Raptors comes at the 11minute mark.  Suns of the North, huh?

– good first quarter, bit sloppy. Raps are getting caught by lottomatica leaking out. Guess roma has been watching the playoff game tapes.

– best Bargs sequence I’ve seen yet…agressive rebound on the defensive end, runs the floor, takes the ball at the top of the key, puts it on the floor to drive and gets fouled. No reason he can’t do this 10 times a game and hit the free throw line for, literally, 20 FREE throws a game.

– ain’t no d in transition.

– our inability to break the zone makes a nice re-appearance in 2007. I’ve missed you. How’ve you been? See you haven’t changed much.

– bad play by Graham. Horrible foul on a 3pt shot, possible 4 point play. Sam must have just lost a year off his life.

– as an aside, sherman hamilton’s interviews suck large. i think RapsTV let the wrong person go.

– bargs 11, bosh 10.

– parker back in after only 4 minutes in the first half. Wonder if he is the odd man out. No real reason to rest him, is there?

– bargs and bosh are inching toward double doubles

– raps look in disarray to start the fourth, this with a solid unit of Garbo, Jose, Bosh…

– ESPN 2 having technical issues. Maybe Maurizio is pissed at the subpar play and has snipped a few cables.

– great, so the feed finally comes back and we are up 14. What the hell happened?  Oh wait, now it’s 82-75. I love ESPN. They should hire Rod Black.

– oh my god, we have ball movement!! WE HAVE BALL MOVEMENT!!!

– calderon and ukic battling down the stretch.

– 93 – 87 Toronto wins! Toronto wins! Torrrrrrrrrrrrronto wins!!

– sloppy game in a lot of respects, but Sam put the good guys in at the end to wrest away the win.






Raptors fall to Celtics but let’s read between the lines « Arsenalist

Raptors fall to Celtics but let’s read between the lines « Arsenalist
As with anything Raptors, it starts off with Bosh who had a pretty miserable game which had a lot to do with who he was playing against – Garnett. They weren’t matched up on every possession but when they were, KG clearly had the upper hand. The Bosh we saw today looked way too similar to the Bosh of the New Jersey series who looked uneasy with both his role and his game on the floor. Now settling for second-thought jumpers from 20ft is bad enough but it’s more the way he looked on the court, almost confused where to start his offensive moves. Of course anytime you give him the ball at the top of the key you’re just asking for trouble because, see, he’s a PF and has no business handling the ball over there. But we’ll attribute the dismal performance to mostly preseason legs, an injury plagued summer and a lot of Kevin Garnett.


The Italian Job

Dime » Blog Archive » The Italian Job
The Europe Live opener saw the Celtics beat the Raptors in front of Andrea Bargnani’s home crowd. Two of Boston’s Big Three looked good; Paul Pierce and his new baldie dropped 21 points and Kevin Garnett posted a 19-16 line, but Ray Allen was throwing up a lot of bricks … Garnett played like he was possessed. On one tip dunk he got so high he could have climbed into the rim … Boston’s X-factor this year, Rajon Rondo, didn’t look bad but didn’t look great either. He handed out 6 assists and made just one turnover, but his 2-for-7 shooting isn’t what the C’s need. And there was a couple times when Rondo over-dribbled and got caught in a trap. Still, consider this is the first preseason game of his second NBA season, played in a strange arena, and he was facing a good Toronto backcourt. We’ll cut Rajon a break for now … The Celtics starters played a lot of minutes for a preseason game — KG, Pierce and Ray each played 30-plus — but that makes sense considering they need to get used to playing with each other … On the other side, Jason Kapono looks like he’s been playing with the Raps for years. He stuck a couple jumpers and blended right in …

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